Hi, I’m David McMullan

I’m writing here to share my thoughts, and experience, of being teetotal.

Two months before my 40th birthday in 2015, I woke up one morning and knew that I would live for the rest of my life without drinking alcohol. I formally declared it in my notebook and had it notarised by the dog, Angus, who happened to be staring at me at the time wondering why the hell I wasn’t in the kitchen putting out his breakfast. I don’t think he understood the enormity of what was happening.

I’d never had a feeling with this depth of certainty before, so it was unsettling, only to find myself in the same place the next month.

Sitting on the couch watching the documentary, Cowspiracy, I knew I would never eat meat or chicken again. I went from being a regular eater of both of these to knowing I would never eat them again.

[Full Disclosure: Over the last 4 years I’ve eaten fish a handful of times]

I’ve been met with everything from, did you have a problem” to what do you do to have a good time” when I tell people I don’t drink alcohol.

I’m looked at with suspicion, and contorted faces, unable to hide their confusion, shock, horror. It’s like I’m hiding something deep, and sinister, because why the hell would you choose to just stop. It doesn’t make sense.

My goal here is to share why it makes a whole lot of sense and how life without drinking alcohol can be a lot more fun, not least because you’ll never wake up with a hideous, stinking, painful hangover.

P.S. What makes this interesting, to me anyway, is that from the age of 18 to 38, and with a couple of breaks in between, I worked in the licensed trade business - bars and nightclubs. I eventually escaped in one piece, and with my sanity, just about, although it had taken a beating over the almost two decades I was there.

I made a living from essentially selling as much alcohol as possible, responsibly of course, to the tens of thousands of customers who visited the venues where I worked. I’d like to say thanks for all the good times, the bad as well, and for all the money. Especially the money. My bosses were thankful for that too. Not that they would ever let on.